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D3 Bot Features

The Diablo 3 Bot
Leveling and Farming Made Hassle Free!

  • Works with all Windows operating Systems (Windows 7, Xp, Vista)
  • Supports many different languages of Diablo 3 clients: English, French, German, Thaiwan, Chinese, Korean.
  • Runs in the background automatically; play other games or run more bots at the same time!
  • Switch to the next area automatically with the Linking Path function
  • Can automatically reply to whispers with phrases and words you set (Automated Whisper Reply).
  • Auto-unstuck, the Bot will move in multiple directions in an attempt to free itself. If it cannot free itself, it will leave the game after a specified amount of time (default time is 9 seconds).
  • All classes supported (Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, and Wizard) – spells can be anywhere on the action keys (1. 2. 3. 4.)
  • Humanistic movement and turning! We have studied real-player movements and our Bot programs mimic these movements with perfection.
  • Fast and precise combat\fighting. It plays like you normally would!
  • Sells and repairs automatically to the specified vendor. It can sell based on item quality, or it can store the items you instruct the bot to keep.
  • The bot knows when bags are full and will portal to town and sell\store your bag items.
  • The bot knows when gear durability is low (damaged) and will return to town to repair.
  • Customize-able alarm system, warnings, and more.
  • Uses potions when health is low.
  • Can set the attack range in yards.
  • Pathing is easy to make, just simply record it by running your character in game and watching each waypoint be recorded through the GUI (Graphic User Inteface).
  • Share-able pathing and configuration setups.

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself! Try our 99 cent trial now!